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Posted by terry on Mar 4, 2005

We bought our waterproof VHF a few years ago. We were shopping for a summer home in New Hampshire. A local realtor told us what boaters on Lake Winnepesauke call kayakers:


Hence, the emergency radio.

They're not all that expensive, have good range (enough to call the Coast Guard/police or other boaters and even have access to the marine telephone system. So far, the one we have has been rugged and waterproof. This radio was a big step for Luddite me who, besides being cheap and lazy, hates anything with a battery, but it's a great thing to have. Now, if I can just get off my inert, miserly butt and buy a GPS, I'll be in the 21st century!

And yes, anyone who would lead a group of kids out on the water without a radio (as well as a GPS, paddle plan, tow rope, flares, first aid, etc.) should be hung by his/her toes and left there. The ocean ain't pool rolling sessions, for pete's sake.


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