Re: Planing sheer clamps

Posted by CLC on Mar 4, 2005

Eeek....I shudder whenever I see digital instrumentation and a stitch-and-glue boat in the same room.

Seriously, Goal Number 1 at this stage is for the deck to span the sheerclamp and the carlin and get glued to them both. I've built about four MC 16.5's personally and I DID try to induce a little camber across that narrow span of deck between carlin and sheerclamp; not sure it was worth being that precise. Go for "goal number one" and don't be afraid to trust your eyeball.

The MC 16.5 planing guides work thus: the 24" radius is exactly right from the forward bulkhead to the bow. The 30" radius works from about amidships to the stern. The bevel in the section between the two "rolls" from one radius to the other; here you must use your eye. Again, a million (nay, a billion) times easier to do than to explain.

From the photos, I think you're done planing.

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