Re: Foredeck curvature

Posted by Paul Van Benschoten on Mar 4, 2005

Two things I found while I was putting the deck on my Ch 17 using straps and tape (nailless):

1) I saw that the edges of the plywood were cracking where the straps crossed. I made blocks of wood in a L shape with the small part hanging over the edge. This kept the strap from rubbing the wood as it was tightened.

2) The deck piece hangs over the sheer by about 1 inch. When making the straps tight this overhang acted like a lever and the center would rise up off the deck brace and bulkhead. I taped a block of wood to each side of the hull to keep the strap from pulling down on the very edge. I only did this at the deckbeam because I didn't know it was happening at the front bulkhead until too late. I had to add a fillet above the bulkhead later.

In Response to: Foredeck curvature by Jon Loraine on Mar 3, 2005


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