Re: Practice Makes Pefect

Posted by Mac on Mar 4, 2005

Like Howard, I am a big fan of nailess construction, and have done it very successfully on my two kayaks. The downward pressure you can get on 2" packing tape is greater and more even than what you can achieve with nails. Now, I don't use this method because I don't like nails - I love the look of them, and add them after the epoxy has cured and the tape/straps/rope are removed. That way, I am able to exactly mark their locations and pre-drill the okoume with a 1/16" bit. I find this improves my luck with straight drives (to bad it doesn't work for golf) and I avoid the little smiles so often associated with hurried nailing.

Howard is correct regarding working time once the goo and schmoo are spread out - there is absolutely no need to rush, and every reason to thoroughly enjoy this step. This is where your "boat" turns into a kayak.

One more tip if I may - when you are tying down the deck and nailing or taping it, alternate sides after every 3 nails or tape strips. This will prevent the process from creating any twist to the hull, or making the deck panels slide to one side or the other. Again, go slow, step back and look every so often.

And for Gosh Sake - breathe!

Have fun!


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