Re: Foredeck curvature

Posted by Ken Leffert on Mar 4, 2005

I had good luck with the process right out of the manual.

Wouldn't get too stressed about it, the "all glassed up" you refer to in your post, Jon, must mean the rolled-on epoxy on the underside of the deck. Epoxy will cure quickly on you in a cup, but once spread out the working time is long ..... like hours. I really believe it would be possible to go through the entire foredeck installation, bronze nails and all, drive the last nail, THEN get cold feet or see something you just really don't like, grab a flat bar and gently pry out the nails, scrape off the now-starting-to-set silica thickend shmoo on the sheers and bulkheads, scrape off the not-even-thinking-about-setting-yet shmoo rolled rolled on the underside of the deck, tap the ring-nails back through and start the whole process over again tomorrow. (You would have to shift the deck forward or back a little so the nailholes in the deck would strike new sheer).

There is NO reason anyone should ever have to resort to such measures, I personally have never heard of anyone doing that, and I'm not suggesting it to you, just want to say that nothing is irreversible in kayak building .... so RELAX!

In Response to: Re: Foredeck curvature by Karl on Mar 3, 2005