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Posted by LeeG on Mar 3, 2005

The other benefit to pre-glassing or pre-sealing the panels is that you KNOW that every surface is sealed well. I'm re-finishing a friends Ch17 that was built in a class. Aside from normal waterdamage from compartments closed when wet it's obvious from the waterstains in the ends and under the sheer that there are some spots that didn't get epoxy as the black ick is a spreading stain and not random streaks. It looks like it's got a lot of epoxy inside from drips down the sides and puddles on the keel tape but if you aren't concientious getting every inch sealed with a couple thin layers it's easy to think what's puddling in the bottom of the hull reflects adequate coverage under the sheer clamps and ends. It's possible to slather on a thick layer of 60 degree epoxy all over dry wood but little pin-holes can occur between brush strokes or localized out-gassing can maintain an opening into the nice absorbant Okoume. Which you can't see but the water will find. I had three Chesapeake constructions develop faint waterstaining spots on the outside of the deckbeam/sheerclamp position because water would puddle there in transport/storage(a couple days). I thought I slathered epoxy around the joint but water found a way. Another reason for working at room temps and not pushing cold weather constructions at 60degrees.

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