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Posted by LeeG on Mar 3, 2005

The AH provides quite an eye opener as to what's structurally necessary for a deck/hull joint. The 3/4"(18mm) wide cypress clamps need to be that wide to accomodate the ring nails coming in from an angle at the deck beam as well as provide room for the 1" bronze hardware screws. Once that requirement is removed the Arctic Hawks 3/8"(8mm) sheerclamps with deck glass overlap starts to make one consider doing the same for a Chesapeake with a 1/2" sheerclamp with the inside corner cut down significantly. The MillCreek13 and WR164 went out as a kit with 1/2" sheerclamps without deck glass so it would seem that would be an easy way to reduce weight. I was looking inside a Betsy Bay kayak a while back and it's deck/hull joint looked like a painted fillet. It's a hull made with 3mm in a lot of places. It would be interesting to see how it's deck/hull joint constructed.

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