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Posted by Mac on Mar 3, 2005


Here's some more good news about white or off-white.

- MUCH cooler when boat is flipped over on the lawn in the sun. (I can fry eggs on my cobalt blue hull).

- MUCH easier to spot-repair scratches (keep some of your original paint in a small container where there is very little air, to prevent skinning)

You shouldn't need to prime the hull before applying your paint. And don't think it will be better if you do anyway - it just makes touchups more difficult later. And don't use high build primers - too thick, and way too soft.

Before you paint, take a REAL good look at your hull. Are you sure it wouldn't benefit from ANOTHER sanding with fairing boards? Shriek!!! Trust me, you'll thank yourself later as you can apply thin, weight-saving coats of paint, rather than glopping it on in a feeble attempt to fill low spots etc.

This post has been very opinionated - sorry, but I speak from experience after I ignored a lot of good advice last year ('cause I wanted to try out filler primers, two pot paint, very dark colours, etc.) OK, I tried them, and in my opinion wasted a lot of money, time, and weight. Remember, a good sanding job takes off weight, and prevents adding weight in an attempt to cover up a bad sanding job.

Now let's see if ol' Mac listens to his own advice on kayak #2.

Have fun, Scott - and as Doug often says "Only you (especially if you're a hairdresser) know for sure."

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