Re: If Only I'd Known

Posted by Karl on Mar 2, 2005

I hear ya Mac, I'm going for bright myself. You know what, I've made some mistakes, I can see a few little tiny silver flecks under the epoxy from outgassing, I used a light colored filler (as an experiment) in a couple of places and it shows up some. Bottom line, I've sanded, scraped, sanded some more, re-coated, sanded some more (is there a trend here?) and I'm happy with it. This is my first boat. There is a learning curve, and I've learned a lot. I feel no shame in making the mistakes I've made, most of which I probably won't make again (no guarantees there), and nobody but someone with good knowledge of boatbuilding and/or a critical eye will ever catch them. The boat looks good to me, and I probably am going to be more critical than anyone else because I know exactly where I made the mistakes. This boat is uniquely mine, mistakes and all. Celebrate being human!

In Response to: If Only I'd Known by Mac on Mar 2, 2005