Re: Color Selection

Posted by J.Schott on Mar 2, 2005

Dark colors can be extremely frustrating!!!! I know from first hand experience. They highlight all of the flaws you know about and the ones you don't. I think that if you know you want a dark color you have to approach the build the same way you would a varnished boat. By that I mean, every sanding mistake,high or low spot is going to show up. I was not happy with my work on my 17 so I sanded the flag blue off to start agian. This time it was hand sanding only with a long board to flatten the surface. I'm much happier with the results this time and if I build another painted boat I'm going to do a lot more scraping and leave the ros in the workbench.

In Response to: Re: Color Selection by Doug Judd on Mar 2, 2005