If Only I'd Known

Posted by Mac on Mar 2, 2005

To all you first time builders (or those wishing for a bright finished hull for the first time).

When I built my first kayak last winter, I wanted to go for an all varnished hull. By the time I had smeared on the crack-filling dookie schmutz and had created the birchbark canoe look I got majorly discouraged and painted her cobalt blue - oh, don't think dark colours hide anything either!

So, here I go with #2, and as careful as I am with lightenibg the schmutz and as surgical as I am applying it BAM! same as last *&^%*& time! Well, not quite as drastic.

But know what? It's only skin deep. A few good passes with the ol' carbide scraper to completely level it out and then whip out the ROS with about 120 grit and CAREFULLY go after the stained wood. With patience and perserverance, why, it looks as good as Doug's or Kurt's or Tony's or Johnny Zen's or all those other bright beauties we see here all the time. YEEEHAWW!

Moral? If I'd known this last year I'd a saved a ton on two pot paint (including my lungs) and had the boat I wanted.

Time for celebratory suds!