Heat Gun

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Mar 2, 2005

If the bends are not seriously curved, I can tell you from personal experience that a heat gun does a beautifully simple job heating ash so that it bends easily. I made rub strips for the stern/bow keel edges and did not need a steaming set-up. See the link below. I started with strips cut to ~1/2", drilled holes, screwed them in as I heated the ash, removed the strips, which held their new curvature quite well, applied dookie schmutz to the area, then screwed the strips back down until the epoxy set. Worked very well. I removed the screws and filled the holes with more dookie schmutz.

Thought I'd interject with another option for you.

Robert N Pruden

Ash Rub Strips

In Response to: Bending an Ash Gunwale by David Leslie on Feb 28, 2005


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