I can relate

Posted by JonT on Mar 1, 2005

I fell very sorry for the families involved. I can relate to this incidence. We had about 30 teenage boys on the Virginia Eastern shore. We were taking a short introductory sea kayaking trip to an island and back. When we got back one boy was missing. There was lots of "I thought he was with you" etc. We called the coast guard and they found him very quickly and all was well. The problem that really caused it was that we broke into groups that were not based on ability. Many of the younger boys never made it out of the canal to the beach, let alone to the island. Many of the adults stayed back with the younger boys. That left the older boys on there own. They had broken off of many small groups so they didn't know they should look out after each other. The boy that got separated swamped his kayak and couldn't get it moving again. But he kept his head and stayed with it for 3 hours until the rescuers came. We thanked God for the great outcome.

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