Re: 3 MM hull?

Posted by Kyle T on Mar 1, 2005

All good questions. 3mm is 8 LBS a sheet vs. 12 LBS for 4mm. My sheet layout will use most of 3 sheets per boat. Probably a savings of close to 10 LBS overall. I've built enough to know how to avoid adding unnecessary weight while glassing so I am looking elsewhere for additional savings.

I am planning to use shear clamps for the hull to deck join and I think they will go a long way to ensure that I get fair curves during the build.

I'm really not too concerned with strength of the 3mm for the intended use of these boats but I am concerned with flex in the hulls. I was planning to use 6 oz glass in the complete interior of the hulls to help stiffen them up but now that you mention it I may opt for carbon fiber under each cockpit. I used CF for my stripper tandem and it really made for a very rigid floor bottom.

Thanks, --KT--

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