fairing the keel line

Posted by Tony on Feb 26, 2005

working on a sano 16 paddlebioat... Applied the deck yesterday and began sanding today. All seams are filleted and boat is one piece. There is a dip in the keel line that bothers me. It is about four feet forward of the tail. It's pretty severe, maybe a half an inch over a 16" run and I'd like to fix it before glassing. One thought was to put a screw in and try to pull it out and maybe put a small piece of glass on to hold it before the larger glassing process, not sure if that would work. The other thought is to get some light weight bondo and apply with a 4" knife and fare that smooth. Any thoughts or opinions? This is my first stitch and glue project and its ok but for that one problem. Thanks for youir thoughts.