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Posted by Mac on Feb 26, 2005

Hang in there, John. There are literally a TON of 16.5 builders on this forum (little joke - see, most of them are overweight. NOW watch how fast they respond. You may learn some new words, and they may not be nautical!), and CLC's CEO seems to carry a laptop with him on weekends - now, how's THAT for Customer Service?

Mill Creeks have 4 bottom pannels if memory serves. Is there any way to mix them up and call the bottom panels, bilge panels etc?

While we wait I'll bring you up to speed on some yak building terms. The joints that gave you a hard time are called a scarfs, and I'm willing to bet this was your first critical experience with that surprisingly slimey stuff called epoxy - right? Trust me, though you can't dawdle with it, there is quite a bit more working time than you first imagine and panic is our worst enemy.

Seeing this is Saturday morning, and our most knowledgeable craftsmen were out carousing last night, you're have time to stop reading this nonesense and go to Kurt Maurer's Pair o Mill Creeks site to get a feel for the CLC Builder's Forum unOfficial glossary of names for the various concoctions of epoxy. There are other folk in the Customer Built Boats, who have built 16.5's, who offer great tips as well. Also look for input from Peter Lyons and Terry Mcadams specific to the 16.5, and building tips from a great host of craftsmen here.

Fear not, help is on the way, and I'll offer this: You're gonna have FUN!

All the Best,

Mac (building second kayak - 'cause I'm hooked)

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