Re: Kayak Sail

Posted by Paul on Feb 25, 2005

Sailboy, No- its not just a downwind sail, and Yes -its mounted forward so as not to hinder paddle strokes at all.

I,ve done quite a few years on crusing and racing yachts ,(before I found Kayaks )and had a fair share of nockdowns etc because of spinnakers. They are using them on kayaks now,as well as a main sail,believe it or not ,without any form of Ammas ! Rather than go through the whole description of how my rig works again,you can look at my last post on 17th of Febuary 2005 on this Forum ,or use the link supplied to another post on the Kayak BB.

As I said ,my rig is still just a KAYAK with a sail on it,not a Trimaran.

But ,you can use it to reach, and get to windward while paddling at the same time for far less effort.

Cheers Paul

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