Re: Extra Glass

Posted by Dave Houser on Feb 25, 2005


You want your structural layer of glass to uninterrupted. If you put it on top of the keel piece you will sand through it at the edge of the keel piece. Put the keel piece on top so sanding will feather its edge and stop if you touch the glass of the structural layer. The keel piece is totally sacrificial you only need it where the epoxy wears with your use or abuse of your kayak. The trick is figuring where your wear points are on your first boat. I paddle from sandy beaches so The epoxy wears where the bow rubs during landing and on the aft keel where it drags when the kayak is pulled up the sand by the front toggle.

Duane Strosaker puts a stripe of epoxy thickened with aluminum dust (which contrasts in color with the hull) down the full length of the keel on his kayaks. When he wears through the gray stripe he recoats the stripe before any glass wears off, a good system.

Duane's Website

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