Re: Extra Glass

Posted by terry on Feb 25, 2005

Might work,Mac, if the glass strips have no selvage. Otherwise, you may get voids. And we all no one should never avoid a chance to avoid voids.

On the feathering issue: to avoid sanding, I will use the scraper for much of the feathering, working from the raised section to the lower section perpendicular to the raised seam line, rather than parallel to the seam. This works best if the epoxy is still fairly green. Feathering a long, raised seam with a ROS is a chore, raises a ton of dust (unless you have a good dust collection system), carries the risk of sanding into the glass and wood if you're not careful, and often requires recoating of exposed glass fibers with more epoxy.

But why install the glass reinforcement, when brass half-oval is every way more effective?


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