Re: Sailrig on the "old"

Posted by Paul on Feb 24, 2005


You hav'nt made clear wheather you are using just a sail rig on a kayak or a rig with complete with amas,creating a trimaran.

The sail rig I posted earlier dos'nt have amas.

Its just a kayak with a sail on it.

The boat I pictured is a Chesapeake 18,and the stern is plumb giving very solid tracking as will your WR 18.

I,ve got a fair bit of sail when all three sections are set and the standard rudder does the job in all but a "down the face of a wave with all sail up broach".

Wave lifters have been on racing skis here in Australia since I had one in the early 70's.

Then the shape was just round in plan shape, about 15" dia.These were made with a cone shape to go over the nose of the ski .

These days their moulded into the hull and deck and are almost unnoticeable.

I,ve nosed dived the CH18 several times in chop but usually the flotation of the bow takes over and up she pops.

Let us know how it all goes,

Cheers Paul.

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