Re: Sailrig on the "old"

Posted by Petewp on Feb 24, 2005

You know Ive pondered that a lot. A bow lifting wave foil of sorts. Ive given two different thoughts on the foil shape tho...

Should it look like a Hammerhead Shark with the wing foils standing out on port and starb. or should it be a much shallower "wing" that runs more the length of the first few feet of bow but extends only say inches from each port and starb. side.

I think the latter is more elegant. However if I do decide to do that, itll be the end of the summer. Ill bring along a snorkel till then!

With regard to turning, or tacking, Im going with Isaacs advice of using a canoe oar to get those muscle sweeps needed - atleast in my case.

I dont know if Im going to "build-up" the larger double rudder with laminates of wood over it to increase its area or build a rudder from scratch. I like the idea of building up the double rudder as the pinions and such are already in place Im just adding more "face" to the actual submerged fin area.

Ever hear of that? Is it better to start a fresh and just build it from nothing? The rudder either way will be a permanent fixture.


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