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Posted by CLC on Feb 22, 2005

The issue of bulkhead fit comes 'round every so often. I emailed Jon separately offline with some specifics about his 17LT; more general thoughts here:

You get a small amount of variation in beam and bulkhead fit from boat to boat based on the relative stiffness of the sheer clamps, and how carefully they were aligned to the top edge of the sheerclamp. This is the nature of stitch-and-glue and the only downside to building a boat without a mold.

I have personally overseen the assembly of scores of Chesapeake 17LTs (and the other Chesapeakes) in the build-your-own-boat classes, including a class just two weeks ago. In those classes we use the same parts as the kits, the same sheer clamps, and the same instructions. In the classes the bulkheads fit well and require no trimming.

That said, I admit I'm not overly fussy. I don't use the spreader stick for anything but keeping the side panels spread open for wiring; once I insert the bulkheads the spreader stick is just there to hold things steady while the epoxy work is done. My over-arching concern is that the panels are glued up correctly; that the hull is fair; and that the bottom panels (which control the underbody shape and thus boat handling) have formed up properly.

I don't agree that S&G boats won't consistently form up around bulkheads; 99% of ours do. I WILL agree that those pesky sheer clamps, otherwise such laudable creatures, do introduce some variation into S&G hulls, because all they want to do is describe a fair curve through as few points as possible.

Thus, to nervous builders I'd offer a priority list: first, a fair curve to the sheerline AND good bulkhead fit; second, maximum beam measurement matching up exactly.

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