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Posted by Steve Miller on Feb 22, 2005

If you do not want to burn through the sensitive areas then do not use 80 grit paper there. Since all you are doing is varnish prep, and not material removal, I would start with a good scraper to get the high spots and runs and other boo-boo's. Then sand with 150 grit until smooth and all the little shiney spots are gone. Then do it again with 180 and again with 220. After the boat is smooth with the 150, the 180 and 220 are only removing the sanding scratches from the 150.

That goes against the common advice to attack the boat with 80 grit I know. Sure it will take longer (not a lot longer) but it is more in control. Hand sand the sensitive areas for sure. If you use a power sander hook it to your shop vac. The paper will last longer and you will see what you are doing. Keep the sander flat to the work not on edge.

The other tip is to enjoy the sanding process. You have spent so much time building your boat - do not rush it now. Sand until you are tired then go away and come back later. Keep at it until you are happy with the results. If you find yourself saying "that's good enough" it probably needs a bit more and you need a break. I coined the phrase "zen of sanding" to describe how I approach it since the finish is what people see not all the hours building.

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