Rudder control options?

Posted by mike noeske on Feb 21, 2005

Spent last weekend camping and kayaking in the Everglades in Fla. But thats another post. There might be a picture here, or link to a picture or two if everything worked.

I am planning on putting a rudder on my WR18. Havent gotten to the point of bonding in the posts to secure the track that the sliding rails ride in. Someone made me a good offer on the controls that Epic is using in their kayaks, basically a stationary (but adjustable) foot peg with a lever pad that you use your toes to operate the rudder. Doubt the holes would match up with the Yakima ones that came with the rudder system.

Was wondering if anybody has used them and what they thought of them compared to the Yakimas. Any bad experiences? Good?

I usually paddle barefooted or with flexable soled water shoes. Living in Florida , ya know.