Re: bow bulkhead location

Posted by Patrick Forrester on Feb 20, 2005

You say I should wait until the the hull is glassed to figure the location of bulkhead #2 (so it is closer to my feet)

I do not think this will work becuase (on the wr18) the bulkehead is installed before the hull is glassed. ie by the time the hull is glassed,all bulk heads are glued in their final location. So I will have to figure the location of bulkhead 2 before it is glassed. To figure out the ideal location for bulkhead 2, I need to know the distance between builkhead 3 and the back band. Then I can secure bulkhead 2 in its ideal location before I glass the hull.

What is the distance between bulkhead 3 and the back band ?


In Response to: Re: bow bulkhead location by CLC on Feb 19, 2005