Re: seat upgrade

Posted by craig on Feb 12, 2005

I have found that most foot sleepyness is from the seat being too low, and hamstring support is not necessary. A tilted seat can also get in the way when you try to get hip rotation into your paddle stroke. I also am not too fond of a deeply carved seat, for the same reason. A seat that is carved 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep doesn't lock you in so much that you cannot use your body for balance and stroke power. For a backband I use a Voyager band for S.O.T.s and turn it over. Take the monstrous clamps off of it and turn it over and it will work great. The crown(now yhe base also helps hold stuff behind the seat during wet exits).

In Response to: Re: seat upgrade by kerry on Feb 12, 2005