Re: Creature Comfort Seat

Posted by LeeG on Feb 11, 2005

the problem I had with a CC seat in two different kayaks was that the seat cover tries to rotate over the flat 2" thick minicell seat pad. If it's not velcroed down the seat will slide fore/aft or get dislodged completely in a wet-exit, when it is velcroed down,,and the velcro doesn't get gummedup or come loose the seat cover slowly rotates forward over the minicell shifting the back onto the seat. Given that the core of the seat is a flat 2" piece of carved minicell why not buy a 3" block of minicell and make it conform to the bottom of the hull as well as your seat and top that off with a back band? I used a cc. seat for awhile and found that the best configuration for me was with the back tilted back 60degrees onto the back bulkhead. It gave enough positioning support while paddling but if I wanted to lay back like a lounge chair it was inclined for it. The advantage of a back band is that it allows for leaning back without forcing an erect position all the time and is less likely to develop sore spots while moving your torso around.

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