Re: Creature Comfort Seat

Posted by mike noeske on Feb 11, 2005

The creature comfort seat is nice and comfy. But it is kinda tall, about 11.50 inches.

I put one in my Ches16, but the top of the coaming is about the same height. Dont have the deck on my WR18 yet, but it looks like the top of that seat would be about 2 inches above the coaming. If that seat was in my plastic Perception Sole', the seat would extend about 2.5 inches above the coaming.

Might be something to consider if you have a low rear deck. Getting (keeping) a spray skirt on with the seat back extending above the coaming could be a little difficult.

Heard something at one time, that the creature comfort seat was available with two different back heights. But never heard if that was true or not.


In Response to: Creature Comfort Seat by CLC on Feb 11, 2005