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Posted by Ken Leffert on Feb 10, 2005

Howdy, Kurt, how you been? It seems that I have managed to accidentally steal Karl's thread about finishes, I've convinced everyone that its a thread about imprinting. Wasn't my intentions, and my apologies to Karl for that.

Karl has shown us some photos that has led me to believe that he's not building one of those lets make it pretty and then see how fast we can tear it up kind of boats. I could have him figgered all wrong, he may have done that wonderful work on his deck just to see how well it holds up to being flogged with a log chain, but I doubt it.

I was hoping to hear a little feedback from folks who had used the 2 part polyurethane type of finish .... I'm wondering if its worth the trouble and expense (I, for instance, would have to have it applied at a professional paint shop, no way am I tangling with that stuff), and I am speculating that it avoids issues like imprinting altogether (although thats really a wag on my part, I don't know).

Its kind of lame to point out other people's web pages to readers of the forum, as they're really looking for first-hand knowledge, but I stumbled across one that I'd really like to share ..... there's a link below. In the link he describes his switch from varnish to polyurethane. If you back out of the link and get to you'll get to the 20' Glen-L Riviera that Mark Bronkalla built from 4mm okoume, 6mm okoume, epoxy and fiberglass (sounds familiar, eh?). Its definitely a "WOW" boat.

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