Re: varnish

Posted by Ken Leffert on Feb 9, 2005

Don't know if this is even a varnish issue or not, but I used Captain's Varnish on my boat a little over a year ago, put it over what I thought was a perfectly smooth epoxy surface, wound up with a smooth finish, but now the weave is "printing through". For the experts here -- is that something that varies from varnish to varnish? Not enough fill coats on the epoxy?

The light reflection shows what I mean, that's a deck nail in the pic also (for scale).

Probably not a real problem, just needs a little wetsanding & another coat of varnish (not the fix I chose, but that's a whole 'nuther book), it might be helpful to know if one varnish or another behaves differently over time.....

In Response to: varnish by Karl on Feb 9, 2005