Posted by Karl on Feb 9, 2005

I'm sure that I'm about to open a can of worms. Nothing like asking an opinion question from a bunch of opinionated...well, never mind you get the picture. In all seriousness, since I'm soon going to be moving on to the critical finishing stages, I've been checking out websites for various varnishes. One part, two part urethane, traditional, Captains, Interlux, Epifanes etc. Here's my bottom line, I'd like an opinion of what works well, given that I'd like A. UV protection (natch), clarity (the least amount of tint possible), and overall longevity of finish. I'm not that concerned with preferred application method for a given varnish. I have access to both traditional airbrush/guns or HVLP, but would be just as amenable to brushing and rolling. All of you good folks have given out enough pointers on proper application that I think I get that part just fine, but before I plunk down the money, I'd love to hear some ideas.