Ches 14 plans are on sale

Posted by BobE on Feb 8, 2005

I agree with terry and Dave – although they are far more eloquent than I can ever hope.

The Severn is closer in length to the Ches 14 than the 16. With tips from this forum and CLC you can build a similarly lightweight kayak. There probably are several reasons why the current designs have helped CLC to prosper – not the least of which is the amount of effort required to assemble a fair shaped hull.

Have you had the opportunity to test paddle a Severn and compare it to other designs?

If you must build the Severn, we have plans (not for sale). Would be willing to answer any questions you might have.

Unless you have built several S & G boats, I don’t recommend the Severn as a first choice. Chris K. in his book mentions this method of forming the hull is the trickiest of the three. This step was certainly the wildest for me of any boat built to date. It is a quick process with very few “stitches”, but I’d rather assemble a multichine hull any day. The rest of the build is pretty much the same as any S & G kayak.

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