Re: starved scarfs?

Posted by LeeG on Feb 8, 2005

from what I've seen unfed scarfs are a consequence of using unthickened epoxy and an uneven clamping surface. Scarfed 4mm can take on a concave aspect so that if two panels are ramped right up against each other covering the cut outer layer it'll develop two thicker sections on both sides of the scarf. When a first time builder forgets to thicken the epoxy AND ramps the two pieces right up covering the cut AND uses an uneven clamping surface, the unthickened epoxy won't fill the resulting hollow thereby resulting in a hollow area you could send a needle through. You'll probably find more problems with starving joints in mahagony outwales where the epoxy doesn't soak in very far than in 4mm okoume.

In Response to: starved scarfs? by Vic F on Feb 7, 2005