Re: Severn plans

Posted by terry on Feb 7, 2005

I had tried to track down some Severn plans a few years back and couldn't find any. I was able to use the plans in the book, which are admittedly hard to read. I think I used a magnifying glass to get the elevation numbers.

Fair warning: it's a tricky boat to build, far more difficult than your standard S&G design. Precise measurement in lofting and panel cutting is particularly critical in this boat.

I've talked to a few builders and only one reported getting the tortured hull together on the first try. Mine still has a slightly unfair keel line that I achieved after much filling, grinding, sanding, refilling, resanding and indelicate language.

I believe that even the pros down at CLC had diffculty building the demo for the New Kayak Shop photos. One emloyee tried to talk me out of building it.

If you build it, e-mail me and I, and maybe some of the others, can share what advice we can recall.

All this being said, I like the Severn for what it is: a very cramped boat with low initial stability that tracks poorly, but is exceptionally light (25 lbs.), making it good for folks like me with weak backs who want a boat they can car-top for short after-work paddles on protected waters. It's also exceptionally lovely to look at. The uncluttered expanse of varnished decking and the elegant, teardrop combing are real eye-candy - and I suspect mine may end up on the wall of our summer cottage some say as artwork.

I've since taken to building a 14 footer that's akin to a CLC Ches. 14, but with more beam and freeboard. At 32 lbs, these boats offer at least minmally adequate legroom and stability, and are fun to paddle.

Best of luck, whatever you decide to build.


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