I'm with Laz on this issu

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Feb 7, 2005

I remove the wires and use only wood flour to make my thin fillets. I fill the holes from the wires with peanutbutter consistency thickened epoxy and that hides the holes quite well. I use glass tape only on the inside of the sheer joint and the joints on the underside of the deck, which means that I do not glass the underside of the deck. I will admit to using chopped glass for filling the keel and endpours. I like the added strength that comes with using chopped glass, especially along the keel, which I beat the hell out of each and every year. Mind you, my Lightning 17 now has an ash rub strip so the keel is well protected from my abuses.

That's all I'm gonna say 'bout this. And I'm not anal, just lazy yet concerned that I don't bust up any more boats while I'm in 'em.

Robert N Pruden

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