Re: CH16 Help

Posted by Paul on Feb 6, 2005

Rocko, I,ve built 3 S&G boats from plans ,so I cut my own Bulkheads. After installing the B/H's in my CH18 ,I found that I could have moved the front one back about a foot from the nominated position. Just leave enough room for the correct length of you legs plus a bit. This will give more storage in the front area,while at the same time reducing cockpit volume(Less water to pump out). Structurally I doubt it makes a lot of diffrence. I moved the B/H's in my other two boats with no problems. The bulkhead should be a loose fit ,I leave a gap all round and fill it with fillet. If the B/h is tight ,you may end up seeing a bump in the outside panels. I also only use 3-4mm for B/H's for lightness with no bad effects so far. Hatch location is flexable,I put them in so I have room at the back and front of the hole. It just makes it easier to pack and unload, when you can place gear backwards and forwards from the hole. All the best, Cheers PAUL

In Response to: CH16 Help by Rocko McCombs on Feb 5, 2005