CH16 Help

Posted by Rocko McCombs on Feb 5, 2005

Hello, I'm looking for some CH16 help. I'm to the point where I install the bulkheads. The rear bulkead fits fine in it's intended position. The forward bulkead is supposed to be at 63" from the bow. Mine seems to fit best at about 60.5" I think this may be to far forward. At 63" I have to pull the sides in and I have about a 1/2" gap where the chine should meet the bulhead. So, my question is can I fix this, Should I just go with 60.5", or should I pull in the sides and fill the gap at 63"?

My second question is, where can I find dimensions for placing the hatches? The manual references the plans for hatch placement. I can't find anything on the plans.

Thanks, -Rocko