Re: don't forget the fore

Posted by allanreade@paradise .net. on Feb 5, 2005

Now is the time to take the weight issue seriously.

Having just finished my first kayak, a CH17, I came to accept the fact that due to my inexperience and excess resin application etc the weight will be heavier than planned.

Now I will make sure my second one is as close as possible to minimum weght.

I've learnt the trick to lifting and carrying it, but have yet to learn how to get it onto the roof rack without a pad on the ground to protect the stern while the bow is pushed on.

Even with 4mm it's worth being careful, a light boat is just easier to handle, and I agree with the foredeck issue, I found bending even 4mm on my own extremely stressful.

Good luck with the project, but don't go with 6mm unless you want a 2 person battleship:-)


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