Re: build on shore dockin

Posted by terry on Feb 4, 2005

I keep one or two kayaks on the pier float at the summer house. I just tacked a narrow strip of astroturf on the edge of the float, splash some water on it by way of hi-tech lubrication, and just slide the boats over it to launch/haul. Works ok with my bad back.

One of these days I may mount a small roller on the edge to use instead of the wet astroturf. But this would mean having to lift the bow that much higher to haul the kayak. Places that sell pier supplies usually have the rollers.

Anyhow, once the boats are on the float, it's pretty easey to move them around without much lifting.

I saw one pier float last summer that had a small ramp built on the end to launch canoes. May be overkill, as the float deck, like most float decks, was only a foot or so above the water.


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