Posted by Mac on Feb 4, 2005

You can initially tab schmoo between the wires w/o touching them - let cure - pull out the wires - then complete the filleting.

OR... do what I do - tab between the wires with 15 second CYA clue and spray accelerator. Instant bond - no weight. Pull wires and follow-up with really small fillets prior to taping. The holes are tiny, can't be hidden either way, and will be filled with wet-out epoxy as you tape inside and glass outside.

Advantage to pulling the wire? We can argue weight all day - not worth it just for that. Metal showing - heck, I ADD silicon bronze nails for their look along deck edge and rub rails. Less sanding and smoothing to make 100% sure the ends won't snag your hull glass or cut your fingers - definitly.

Anal? YOU BET! But that's just me.

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