Re: Digital Camera Advice

Posted by Rich on Feb 3, 2005

Olympus cameras do keep coming up in the thread, but I thought I'd add my own 2 cents. I've got an Olympus, a C2100UZ (10x Optical) - yes that's a 2.1 Megapixel camera. It's a year or two out of date now in the grand scheme of 4+ megapixels available now, but then my camera has been collecting dust in a repair shop for the last 14 months since Olympus refuse to provide any parts. I took it kayaking once and the mode selector dial got a knock. It requires a small bit of plastic the size of a penny to repair it and so far, no spares. I'm losing all hope of ever getting this camera repaired, and purely on a customer service point of view I would find it very difficult to buy another of the same brand. Bitter - well, yes probably. The camera did, however, produce some very good shots when it was working and with the 10x optical lense could take shots 3MP+ struggle to.

In Response to: Digital Camera Advice by terry on Feb 1, 2005