Re: Digital Camera Advice

Posted by Gavin H on Feb 1, 2005

I've got a Olympus C770 - 4MP / 10x optical zoom, and I'm very happy with it. I take it every where because of it's compact size. You can buy a tele and wide angle lens for it, as well as a waterproof housing (which floats) for your kayak trips.

The 10x optical is obviously not much use when paddling!

I did hear of a dive boat charter company, in Cairns, Australia, issuing it's clients with a Olympus mju in a water proof housing, to take photos when out diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Those camera must be pretty tough to handle public abuse.

If you don't want a hotshoe flash or to be able to record MP4 movies, the C650 is a little cheaper. I believe it is still able to record Quicktime movies.

Just one more thing about the C770/C765, finding a suitable carry case, to take advantage of it's small size, is a real issue, with it's small body and relatively large lens. It took me 4 months to find a cheap flimsy/low quality case, and another 4 months to find another one that actually offered some protection.

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