Re: Digital Camera Advice

Posted by Steve Miller on Feb 1, 2005

We bought my wifes Olympus specifically because of the 10x optical zoom. Its been a wonderful camera. On the other hand my daughters Kodak digital has been a real lemon. Back to the factory two times in the first 6 months. My brother swears by his Nikon digital but I am not sure what the zoom is. Another issue is F stop. I think the standard on digitals seems to be F2.8 some will go lower to F1.8.

Take your clue from your film camera and how you used it. If you are using a big lens 35 and not a point n shoot then you know what will make you happy.

Once you are at or over 3 or 4 megapixels I would be looking at zoom and lens features more than getting more pixels. But thats me and I am NOT a camera expert.

Some digtals are now able to change the lens. If you have a bag full of them it might be worth the time to research your options.

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