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Posted by mike noeske on Jan 31, 2005

The instruction "book" that covers assembly of: Ches14, Ches 16 & 16LT, Ches 17 & 17LT, Ches 18 & 18LT, Ches Double & Triple, on page 129 says "Sand the entire deck, starting with 120 grit paper. Most builders will be varnishing their decks, so you want to continue on to 220 grit sand paper prior to fiberglassing."

This manual is from 2002 and 176 pages long. I think the DVD suggests the same.

The "manuals" that came with my WR18, one 16 pages the other 38 pages, only mention sanding the hull "With a sander, smooth the exterior of the hull completely. Remove burrs and rough edges, and use the sander to even up the panels where they meet at the bow and stern."

No mention about sanding the deck prior to glassing.

I would like to from John (or somebody)at CLC as to the reason for the revision to the instructions.

Of course for my Ches16, I followed the sanding instructions with the big manual and have had no problems, unless I hear otherwise I will do the same when I get to putting the deck on my WR18.


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