Re: deck glass etc.

Posted by terry on Jan 31, 2005


I would not go any finer than the 120 grit for prep sanding of epoxy prior to glassing. Did the manual tell you to sand the bare deck wood to 180 grit? If so, a note for future projects that pre-sanding bare wood prior to epoxying/glassing is not necessary and may even impede adhesion of the glass slightly (IMHO). You might reverse this with a very quick and light hand-sanding of the wood with 100 or 120, sanding with the grain only.

Congrats on getting a PC ROS. Nice tool. I've broken a few of the little rubber belts that make the pad do its gyrations, so you may want to order a few of these inexpensive but critical parts from the PC website so you don't get stranded when you most need the tool. Granted, I have a Victorian house and my ROS gets beaten up pretty good, but just a warning that the belts can break.

Otherwise, look forard to launch day!


In Response to: deck glass etc. by Karl on Jan 31, 2005