deck glass etc.

Posted by Karl on Jan 31, 2005

Okay folks, I'm nearing the stage when it's time to lay out my deck glass. I've learned to love (yeah right) sanding. I've sanded the sides of the hull to an even gray color and managed to smooth out the runs, drips etc. At this point I've gone as far as 120 grit (on the sides, the deck's been done with 180). It's my intention to epoxy the glass 'round the sheers, trim to a nice even edge with a razor knife, then when I put my fill coat on, continue to roll a fill coat onto the sides as well, to help feather the glass into the sides. Question; Should I keep sanding now with finer grit on the sides, or would I be better off leaving them at a 120 grit level to enhance the mechanical bond of the new epoxy onto the already hardened sides. I figure I only get one chance to glass it right, and I'm trying for a bright finish.

ps. after 2 days of sanding the hull with my trusty Makita 1/4 sheet sander, I finally pulled out the Home Depot card and bought a Porter Cable ROS. See, I can learn, I'm just a little slow, that's all.