Dear Laszlo...

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 31, 2005

It has been a bitter winter here in the Houston/Galveston area, with few days going above 55. My boat has been living in the house with me, typically with both of us hanging out in the kitchen, though we go outside for a little sanding fun every once in a while.

I can see you're the kind of guy who looks at pitchers, but doesn't read much. Or maybe, it's that you are accustomed to literature, as opposed to the drivel I post on my web pages.

Whatever, I mentioned that, yes indeed, I yanked the coaming loose on my Cormorant by flinging 'er up onto the racks using the coaming as a handle. Not a catastrophic RIIIIP! leaving me holding a piece of boat in my hands and a smoking ruin on the ground, mind you... it just came loose in one spot, and I was obliged to repair it. Sorry it wasn't any more exciting than that. Wait, no I'm not.

So that is why the pegs, but I also saw potential in them as decoration. I am thinking a row of pegs on every riser strip, with alternating ones appearing in a contrasty manner, might make for an interesting little detail - and add a piece to my mind, as it were.

It will probably happen on Leslie's boat. Y' hear that Mac? Seems I have enough winter left to dream something up for her, too. God knows I'm endeavoring to avoid it, however.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Re: Latest Project Launch by Laszlo on Jan 30, 2005