Re: varnishing

Posted by Steve Miller on Jan 30, 2005

Don't forget the Penetrol and spend some time in your thinking chair about the route you will take with the roller/brush around the boat.

A brush (fine grain foam or really good natural bristle - your choice) will be needed around the coaming and compass mount. I'd do the rub rails with a brush at the same time I rolled the deck. Just use the roller on the deck and do the hatch covers on the work bench. The roller will work fine around the hatch openings. Don't put your gaskets in until after you varnish.

The way I think I would do it is to varnish the coaming and compass mount first. Finish them with 4-6 coats. When all done sand off whatever edge you made on the deck nearby. Then varnish the deck/rubrails. You can use the brush to carefully varnish the deck right up to the coaming and compass mount as you roller the deck around them. If you tip off carefully you won't see any lines or marks and the natural visual break at the coaming and compass mount will hide any transition anyway.

I alternate between sides of the boat. Varnish - tip - varnish - tip and so on. Mac is right though by the time you get to the 3rd coat you will be experienced and have it all figured out. If you mess up then scrape or sand then do another coat. Any coat after 4 that looks good is your final coat.

Post pictures when you are all done!

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