Re: epoxy any good?

Posted by Howard on Jan 30, 2005

In my experience, i have successfuly used expoxy that was that old.

You will likely find the hardener has grown much darker. But as Mac says, if it hardens when it is mixed properly, you have nothing to worry about.

My luck with trying to revive old pumps has been poor however. I have been able to revive them but then find they are so unreliable, that you don't want to use them for measuring purposes.

so i would highly recommend that you replace the pumps if you want to use them for measuring or use measuring cups...which is the approach that i use which ensures that you are always getting a proper 2 to 1 mix.

fwiw, i am also a big fan of using a drill with a mixing tip that i build out of a chop stick and a couple screws to mix my epoxy. absolutely ensures that mixing the hardener/resin itself is not the cause of problems.


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