Re: epoxy any good?

Posted by Mac on Jan 30, 2005


I'm assuming your containers were opened and pumps installed? Pumps are still attached? The hardner tends to crystalize in the spout of the pump over time. So:

- on with the gloves - Q Tip out both spouts. - one full pump of each, gently, into a disposable container. This reprimes the pumps which will probably burp, so watch your eyes and clothes. Throw this first batch away - it's most probably not the right ratio and may have little bits of crud in it. - on the next pump, be able to measure your ratio by either volume or weight to make sure your pumps are still accurate. - if if seems OK, mix this well and try it on a join of two pieces of scrap - also "paint" one piece with epoxy to judge if it's curing as fast as it should. - if after 24 hrs, it has cured to well beyond gummy, and you can't break the join, I'd say you're in business.

Final 2 cents Cdn., if you have ANY doubts, buy new goo. Your kayak and your time are not worth epoxy failure - so say nothing of your safety. You're a Dad now - congratulations!

All the best - and welcome back!


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